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Our classes are currently being offered in-studio (within COVID compliant guidelines) or online.

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Heated Vinyasa Classes are heated to 92 degrees. You will sweat! Through mindful movement, breath, and thoughtfully choreographed sequencing, our Vinyasa classes aim to expand awareness within the mental, physical, and spiritual body. Surface a deeper knowing of that which you've known all along. Bring light to the hidden shadows within the self. Find your inner expression and grow into the person you were born to be. Expect to move through sun salutations followed by a variety of postures to open the body and challenge the mind. Please modify and take it easy as you need! Our heated vinyasa classes are flow classes practiced under state of the art, Heating Green infrared heaters.

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Yin Yoga is an experience of dropping in and letting go. The restorative practice stretches and targets the deep connective tissues between the muscles and the fascia throughout the body. The aim is to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility as the poses stretch and exercise the bone and joint areas. It also helps us to regulate the body’s flow of energy.

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Come release tension in your body and mind with a gentle, restorative class. This class is designed to calm the nervous system and bring the body into a blissful, resting state. Our Restorative "with Oils" use aromatherapy (doTERRA essential oils) to helps balance and relax the mind and body. Our Restorative "with Sound Bowls" integrate the use of quartz crystal singing bowls to heal the body through sound vibration. All levels are welcome.

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Hatha is an alignment-based yoga classes that prepare the mind and body for meditation and deeper spiritual practices. Props are heavily used to assist and support the body. While our Vinyasa classes cultivate a state of fluid and integrated movement, differently, our Hatha classes cultivate deep concentration, calmness, and stillness within the mind and body. *These classes are non-heated. Our Hatha "with Sound Bowls" integrate quartz crystal singing bowls to elevate the energetic vibration within and around the body.

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Barre is a fun and rigorous class that blends movements from ballet, pilates, fitness, and yoga to give you a full-body workout. Barre lengthens, strengthens, tones, and shapes your muscles through small isometric movements and holds. Come re-shape your mind and body in this upbeat movement class. All levels. Room Temp.

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FLEX is a 1-hour class that blends cardiovascular activity with active rest intervals distilled from the most fun parts of your favorite fitness classes. This class is re-designed weekly to a fresh new playlist made specifically to motivate you as you sculpt and build a balanced and strong physique. In addition to body-weight movements, FLEX incorporates elements from barre, Pilates, power yoga, kickboxing, weight training, and breath work into intervals of cardio endurance and targeted muscle burnouts. Bring a towel, some water and your favorite gym partner!
All levels welcome!

RehabFIT: Upper Body

RehabFIT Upper Body is a signature online class created for injury recovery, movement fundamentals, and sports performance with emphasis on the shoulders, arms, neck and mid/upper spine. This class incorporates myofascial release using balls or foam rolls, stretching, mobility, stability, foundational and dynamic strength.

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RehabFIT: Lower Body

RehabFIT Lower Body is a signature online class created for injury recovery, fundamental strength, and sports performance with emphasis on the hips, knees, feet, and low back/spine. This class incorporates myofascial release using balls or foam rolls, stretching, mobility, stability, foundational and dynamic strength.

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Stretch & Release is a movement class that explores a crossover between yoga and other effective physical therapies that open and release tension in the body. With attention to bio-mechanical alignment and healing, this movement class is slower paced to nourish the nervous system while building strength, flexibility, and balance. Postures are held for longer periods of time in order to deepen your practice, build internal awareness, and use the wisdom of your breath. From a beginner who wishes to move at a slower pace to an advanced practitioner looking to dive deeper into the energetic alignment of the body, this class offers a full spectrum of practice. Great for those who want to slow down and for those working with injury recovery or prevention. This practice helps support a pain-free live.

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