Asheeliyah Insha

Asheeliyah is an artist, dancer, jokester, healer, and teacher born and raised in the red rock valley of Moab Utah. Licensed in Massage Therapy, Energy Work and Yoga Instruction, Asheeliyah has countless hours of experience working with people in ways that address more than just the physical. As an empath, she feels the collective condition of the human soul and how it yearns for the Soul to be illuminated and more authentically expressed in the world. It has become Asheeliyah’s life mission to hold an intentional, safe and unconditionally loving space for others in her work as a facilitator, healer, and guide.

Asheeliyah is also involved in event production and group ecstatic dance facilitation. She is one of 3 co-founders of ALOHA Kauai Yoga and Peace Festival and Founder of Sacred Shakti Dance ~ A Sisterhood Ritual Dance Ceremony occurring monthly on Kauai.

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