Courtney Babbidge

Courtney Babbidge (@ohmfit.kauai) has been leading community in group exercise classes since 2008. She became inspired to become a professional coach after her years in high school as team captain and fitness enthusiast for her cheerleading, field hockey, and lacrosse teams. Her degree is in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Therapy from University of Southern Maine where she took her education to physical therapy clinics in hospitals, out-patient rehab facilities, fitness centers, and high school sports teams.

She believed from an early age that life is rich when self is connected to body, mind, spirit, and community. Yoga, dance, skiing, and mindful weight lifting are her movements’ inspiration. In 2018 she moved to Bali for 5 months and trained as a SkyYoga and meditation instructor (she loves being upside-down and off the ground!). Courtney’s classes integrate acknowledgement of breath, participant’s inherent creative wisdom, functional movement, core stability, and vibey music. Hang out with Courtney during aerial yoga, sculpt, and restorative classes. Watch for her upcoming workshops on Awakening the Creative and Mindfulness Meditation.

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