Denise Walther

Denise has been a practicing Chiropractor for over twenty years. Her area of expertise has been in the area of spinal alignment and wellness. She believes that the combination of Yoga and Chiropractic is perfect blending in treating the whole person and helping discover movement and motion in the orchestration of healing. Denise received her 400-hour Yoga Alliance teaching certification under the tutelage of Bhavani Maki. She has taught at Yoga Hanalei versed in Yin. She is honored to be teaching Yin Yoga classes at Black Coral Hanalei on Monday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30. “The focus of teaching Yin Yoga is to increase awareness of our body while cultivating a relaxed body and mind.”

In Denise’s Yin Relax Class we will be offering Yin in its truest form. This class explores body alignment, connection to breathe, and a mindful investigation into, “What stops us,” all while focusing on the Three Tattvas of Yin Yoga. (Tattvas are principles, reality or truths.)

  • 1. Find your edge or an appropriate depth to go into the pose.
  • 2. Become comfortable with the stillness in each pose
  • 3. Be in the pose for an appropriate amount of time.

Denise will provide gentle assists while in the poses when necessary to achieve the full benefit from the pose.

We don’t use the body to get into the pose.
We use the pose to get into the body.”

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