Diane Krieger

Diane is a 700 hour ‘certified’ Yoga instructor based in Vinyasa & Iyengar practices and has studied Yin Yoga w/ the renowned Sarah Powers in CA and in Thailand, as well as Paul Grilley’s course ‘Yin Yoga: the Functional Approach’. Diane’s certifications are with Eric Schiffman, the Rodney Yee Yoga lineage, Bavani Maki, Josh Shrei and Carol Dumeyer on Kauai. As well as fantastic workshops along the way with Desiree Rumbaugh, Seane Corn and others. After many years of practice, great influences and by nature, Yin has become a calling and a necessity to balance all practice and movement. I do incorporate a warm up before settling into the stillness of the ‘Yin’ practice, so it could be called a gentle Yang/Yin.

Diane taught Vinyasa previously on Maui, after a six month residency in a Shivananda Yoga Ashram in Haiku and went on to teach in Santa Barbara, Squaw Valley and Tahoe City, as well as teaching Yin Yoga at ‘Tahoe Yoga & Wellness’ in Truckee, CA over many years. Diane returned to Kauai in ’07 after spending 10 years off sailing and then living in Santa Barbara and in the Sierra’s. After much time away Kauai called her back. Diane currently teaches at the Metamorphose Yoga Studio in Kilauea and Black Coral Yoga in Hanalei

Diane’s other activities involve being in, on and under the ocean, sailing, swimming, diving and rescuing animals. She is also owner of ‘Ocean Designs’ and ‘Love the Water Swim’.

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