Ixel Madrigal

I started practicing the 26&2 series (Bikram) in 2007 when a friend from Theater class invited me to yoga. I had no idea it was hot yoga, and I found myself in Jim Kallet’s studio in Old Town San Diego, one of the hottest studios around. Despite the heat, & feeling like a puddle on the floor when class was over, I was hooked, & I have been practicing ever since. In 2010 I lost a family member to cancer; I found that my yoga practice was the only thing that kept me calm & centered, & the yoga studio was the sanctuary space I went to daily to cope & process the grief during this time. Yoga helped me through the most difficult part of my life, & that cultivated a passion for the practice to led me to teacher training in 2012.

I am blessed to have traveled to teach at various studios: Bikram’s Head quarters in LA, Thousand Oaks, Encino, Agoura Hills, Los Angeles, Ventura, San Francisco, Nor Cal, Nevada, México, Peru, & Australia! Currently, my home studio is Black Coral Movement in Hanalei Hawaii & it is a beautiful place to be! The hot room is a sanctuary and a healing place, & I am very grateful to share the practice with practitioners.

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