Jen Bartz

Jen is 500 RYT +, a dedicated student and teacher of the life of Yoga. She believes that what we practice on our mats directly translates into a modality of living-of living the most fulfilling and awesome life we can. Jen found yoga at the age of 16 and throughout her life it has been the source of deep healing and transformation. Her training is multifaceted and includes: pranayama, kundalini, meditation, mantra, chanting, and sacred Vedic rituals. All of which she incorporates into her teachings and life. She completed her 200 RYT in Los Angeles in 2011 under Kia Miller. In 2014 she trained for 3 intensive months in the Himalayas of India to be a master teacher of Vedic Meditation under Maharishi Vyasananda. Most recently she completed her 300 RYT under the founder of Sattva Yoga, Ananda Mehrota in Rishikesh India. Jen is fully dedicated to her students and their transformations. She believes that we all must keep evolving and expanding ourselves. So she continues her own pursuit of greater knowledge strongly. Through her practice she has found a deep love, gratitude, and happiness that she thrives on sharing with, and inspiring in, others. Her ultimate passion is helping people tap into their highest potential. When she’s not teaching or doing yoga, she enjoys surfing, gardening, painting, cooking, and spending time in nature with her husband and dog.

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