Kristin Venema

Kristin began exploring Yoga in 2004 during college at the University of San Francisco. She was initially attracted to the practice as it lent itself to her natural inclination towards physicality and movement and acted as a release from the fast paced and high stress environment she had become accustomed to. As she delved deeper into Yoga study she began to notice subtle shifts in how she was able to tap into her deepest intuition through this newfound awareness and expand her capacity to feel and experience life. In 2015 Kristin completed a 200 Hour Teacher Training through Yoga Tree in San Francisco. She maintains a deep reverence and gratitude to the countless teachers in the Bay Area Yoga Community who influenced her path, especially Stephanie Snyder and Jason Bowman.

After 10 years working in Retail and Technology in San Francisco, Kristin moved to Kaua’i out of a deep desire to direct her life more in line with her souls true calling. It was on Kaua’i that she completed an additional 300 hours of Yoga Education with Bhavani Maki. The training and studies transformed her physical practice and unlocked a passion for the philosophy and psychology of the Patanjali Yoga Sutra. Soon after she sat her first Vipassana Meditation in the tradition of her Meditation teacher S.N Goenka. She began teaching Yoga in 2016 an considers it to be the greatest privilege of her life.

Kristin continues to dedicate herself as a student of Yoga and Vipassana Meditation. Her classes are supportive and grounding, focused on alignment, breath, mindfulness, and the freedom found through fluidity of movement. She brings a sense of calm, wisdom and authenticity and will challenge you physically while gently reminding you of the connection to oneself, the union as the heart of it all. Kristin feels deeply honored to share her love of Yoga as a teacher with the beautiful community of residents and visitors on Kaua’i.

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