Leti Elzaurdia

Leticia Elzaurdia, or you may know her as @sweaty_leti, has been “teaching” fun fitness classes since preschool, leading her eager peers in a Jane Fonda-inspired “workout.” Leti teaches FLEX and FLEXpress weekly at Black Coral.

A San Francisco Academy of Ballet kid, Leti loves dance as a fun outlet and believes ballet, in essence, is expressive movement balancing power with grace. Team sports, weightlifting, and cardio fitness classes contributed to her style of mixing fun elements from different genres.

In 2014 Leti began leading free classes to friends on the North Shore. This group helped cultivate a unique fitness class, distilling and blending a multitude of fitness practices into just one hour. She recently earned her Certification as a Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise and is planning to continue to study with a focus on rotator cuff health and safe conditioning for pre/postnatal mothers.

Leti is a forever-student who loves discovering and delving into new things. She says “nerding-out” is her passion. “I am satisfied with right now, but I still love getting better at things. We are always a work in progress… motivation, personality, how we navigate the world… in our bodies as well. Yoga and strength training tap into our dualities. Strength and Flexibility, together define our Mobility. Ease may balance our Effort. Breath is our Rhythm. Being invested in your body for these practices gives the mind a chance to expand beyond your own will and personal experiences. I feel like I’ve only just begun to really understand our mind-body connection and I hope to discover more with you, together, on our fitness journey!” A class with Leti should incorporate a balance challenge, some cardiovascular endurance intervals, sprinkled with some targeted muscle burners…. And the music? On point! “Because music gives me life, I design a playlist for each week’s class to keep tempo for us, so no boring counting reps! Each song I select to inspire us to push our perceived limits and be motivated for the next challenge.” So get READY, get SWEATY with Leti!

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