Marvin Nunez

Marvin’s classes cultivate a deep level of inquiry, commitment, and passion within his students. He teaches hot yoga with direct experience for the power of the practice to transform lives. His warm and kind approach coupled with discipline and structure, creates a safe container for his students to explore inwards. His love and respect for the traditional hot 26 and 2 practice is genuine and he is truly committed to sharing this practice with everyone, anywhere. Come meet Marvin!

Marvin is a native Salvadorian from San Salvador, El Salvador. He migrated to the states in 1995. After graduating high school in Texas, he joined the U.S. Army and completed a tour overseas. After his time in the service, he was left with chronic pain and injuries that never seemed to heal, until he found the 26/2 hot yoga series. He has been practicing the hot yoga for 17 years and teaching for about 8 years. He began his practice as a way to heal from injury and to increase strength and flexibility, not knowing that the Yoga would end up changing his life in so many unexpected ways. After finishing his degree in computer information systems from the University of Houston, Marvin became a certified teacher and decided to embrace the yogi lifestyle to pursue a simpler life teaching yoga fulltime.

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