Michelle Minor

Michelle’s journey with yoga began in 2008 during her studies at college in Santa Cruz, CA. She became instantly hooked on the physical elements of the Vinyasa style of yoga, and the dance-like grace she felt she was able to embody on her mat. She would later become aware of how much more the practice was than just physical movement; how calming and centering it was to her nervous system and overall, how healing it was during challenging situations in life. It became a salve for her in times of intense anxiety, heartbreak, and moments of seeking clarity and surrender.

As a teacher, Michelle’s wish is to bring what this generous practice has gifted her to her students. She strives to make all who come to class feel

comfortable and welcome in the space, no matter age, physical ability, or experience with yoga.

To her, yoga is a compassionate, introspective practice of remembering and coming back home to your truth and ultimately, to love. Michelle’s classes are creatively fluid and rooted in conscious, safe alignment keeping in mind that all bodies are different and unique. She is deeply grateful to all of her teachers she has been able to train with over the last 10 years including Mark Stephens, Eoin Finn, Stephanie Snyder, Hannah Muse, Kenny Graham, Seane Corn, as well as her students who she considers her teachers as well. She feels immense gratitude to be able to share her love of this practice with the community on the North Shore of Kauai- her favorite place to BE.

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