Tamara Braun


Tamara grew up learning yoga from her 6’2” grandfather at the age of 3 he amazed her and she began trying to emulate his postures, which has proven to be her life long challenge, but the channels had been opened. The age of 4 brought ballet, oh the of discipline and impossible love she has for this art. She was always dedicated to the pursuit of incredible capabilities the body can do. She danced through her primary and high school years. The arts it took a second seat to life but she continued to practice, as well as teach, keeping herself primed for what was to come next. Then… the fabrics found her! This changed her, it brought out all the strengths she had inside, it teased out that ballerina who’s tenacity lives in her heart dancing through life with delicate grace. The yogi and the dancer were at home now, in the air! Since then she has been sharing this precious art and is dedicated to the promotion and perpetuation of this beautiful expression. Time to fly!

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